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Wolverine is dreaming; Sliver Fox, Sabretooth, and John Wraith are trying to kill him but are then fired upon.

Then, Wolverine is awakened by Jubilee. Their flight to Los Angeles has been diverted to a S.H.I.E.L.D. heli-carrier. Nick Fury tells Wolverine that a man wants to speak to him, so Fury takes a helicopter to the man’s location. The man meeting Wolverine is John Wraith and isn’t to trilled that Wolverine brought Jubilee along. Wraith aims a gun at Jubilee.

Wolverine has a flashback to a time when he was on mission in Southeast Asia with Wraith and Creed. Wraith found a woman spying and Creed kills her because Wraith won‘t. Wolverine and Creed argue over killing the woman.

Wolverine knows Wraith won’t kill Jubilee. Wolverine also remembers a mission in Berlin to steal the carbonadium from Omega Red. Wraith stayed behind so that Wolverine, Maverick, Sabretooth, and Janice (dead) could get away. Wolverine saw Wraith vanish from Omega Red’s coils.

Wraith gives Wolverine a Shiva head which makes him remember a mission in Cuba where Silver Fox betrays the team and captures Wraith.

Jubilee snaps Logan back to reality and Wraith takes Logan to meet some one. Wraith approaches his house and realizes that some one broke in. Wolverine warns him that the burglars are armed. Wolverine charges in and is faced with gun-fire. Wraith holds the two teens at gun-point and lets them have the TV they were trying to steal. Wolverine finally meets the man Wraith was going to show him, Mastodon. Except, Mastodon was old and dieing; not the way Wolverine remembered him. Wraith explains to Wolverine that Mastodon’s age suppression was wearing off, so Wraith gathered all the old team members to investigate. Wraith tells Wolverine that he even found Silver Fox and has Sabretooth locked in the basement strapped with explosives.

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