carnivalofsins00's Wolverine #6 - Wolverine vs The X-Men, part 1 review

Wolverine vs. The X- Men, Part 1

Wolverine has made it back out of hell, but what awaits his return? Demonic possession.
The Good: The Road to Hell is over. That indeed is a good thing. While I thought the first 5 issues of this series were so slow, boring, and drawn out, this issue really redeemed itself. Wolverine is now fighting the demons that  possessed his body while his soul was in hell. I was really hooked from the very first page. The opening to this issue was kind of unexpected for me and it really made me want to read more. Scott is starting to grow on me. Sure, he's been making some very radical choices, but he's really growing into the part of being a leader.
Art wise, let me start with the cover. So far, I've loved each and every cover to this series. They just are beautiful to look at. This one's no different, and let me just say, it is not too misleading. Interior art is also very, very impressing. I do love me some Acuna, so that's an easy, easy plus.
The Bad: Logan's girlfriend? Melita? Yeah, I don't like her.
This is a huge step up from the previous five issues. We actually get some funny quips from Cyclops and Jubilee here which were actually pretty funny. Overall, this was a great issue. I was close to dropping this title because of the first arc, and if you felt like me, give this issue a try. It might just change your mind.

Posted by Meesho

wow, I agree with you in most of the points that you mentioned :). Good review and I've just Recommended it :).

Posted by carnivalofsins00
@Meesho:  Thank you.
Curious, did you enjoy the Wolverine in Hell arc? I was surprised when I found out a handful of people actually did.
Posted by Meesho
@carnivalofsins00 said:

" @Meesho:  Thank you.  Curious, did you enjoy the Wolverine in Hell arc? I was surprised when I found out a handful of people actually did. "

Honestly I was like: OK! then?. I really got bored a bit esp that it took 5 whole issues!!!. And I think this is not the first time that Logan got his body possessed!. But I believe that as you mention somewhere that's like 
prelude to something tight maybe!
You're welcome :).
Posted by carnivalofsins00
@Meesho:  Yeah, it was really boring for me too.

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