the_flying_man's Wolverine #55 - Quod Sum Eris review

Great End To A Great Run

I know alot of people will disagree with me but I loved this story arc. It introduced some cool new elements and I'm intriqued as all hell about this Romulus guy. Also, Wolverine's inner monologue was very well executed and sounded the way I envisioned Wolverine to sound.

The title itself starts with Logan taking the Muramasa blade from Cyclops. Cyclops being a $#!% doesn't think its a good idea. Oh yeah? Well let Emma read his thoughts. So she throws up and Cyke hands over the sword. Then Wolverine thinks to himself that Cyclops is a douchebag in retrospect of his ealrier actions, however I'm sure deep down Logan respects his teammate and leader.

Out in the woods Logan's chillin in the snow. Sabretooth shows up lookin like its 1993 and ready to do business. Wolvie chops off an arm. Sabretooth, acting as any sane person would, proceeds to pick up said arm and try to put it back in place. Now this..this is where things get interesting!

The arm won't stay on! Thats right biotch. Yous in trouble now. Snaggletooth starts crying then ya turn the page and Sabretooth's head is flying right out of the book so don't complain about the biotch thing. I know you were thinking about it.

Wolverine gets nostalgic afterword and almost feels bad for him. Really? I don't but I guess you knew him better. I suppose its quite similar to the battered wife syndrome, Wolverine playing the part of the battered wife. Sabretooth was the only one who really knew what Logan went through because he put him through it. Deep man.

Art and writing are top notch.


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