dark_noldor's Wolverine #5 - Wolverine Goes to Hell, Part 5 review

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The mehrits of Jason Aaron for developing a brand new arc story for Logan seemed to me as an ouroboros, because at the same time that he created new foes and a decent background story, using some golden characters like the Ghost Riders and Hellstorm, Mariko, Puck, but  he couldn´t quite free himself from the shackles of repetition and old ideas, like Mystique and the concept of his father. I got torned in this arc story, because I loved some parts of the art and some descriptions and captions of hell and the torments that Logan suffered there, but I hated some dialogues, the fights with Hellverine in the mortal plane and the interactions of Logan, the Devil and his father. This was entertaining sure, but I expected a lot more and I guess Aaron didn´t presented what he had in mind, I guess he had to change a few details or two to please the Editors, but the main thing is that the plot of sending Logan´s soul to hell so that his father could chat with him was horrible, I didn´t like at all. The best thing about this issue was the second story "How it started", that tells how Logan was sent to hell. If you are a big fan of Wolverine I recommend you buying this series, because it wasn´t that bad, but if you´re just curious about the idea, avoid this. Now, because of the coming creative team - Daniel Acuna in the pencils - I´ll not buy the coming issues, despite the fact that the plot pleased me: Wolverine Vs the X-Men.
3.5 out 5

 Greatest feat by Aaron was the descriptions and captions about hell and the torments there


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