artjoker's Wolverine #5 - Wolverine Goes to Hell, Part 5 review

This is not the end...only the beginning (spoilers)

Let me start out by saying that I was probably the one person who was the most anti Wolverine up until perhaps a year ago. While I loved the guy as a kid on the 90's X men animated, my views and tastes for comics became more  pretentious.  However as i picked up Wolverine #1 a couple months back i found that I was going back and buying a lot of the back issues at my local shop. I was hooked upon the happenings of the man who's the best at what he does. This story arc as a whole I felt was a really strong story, What was perhaps the most appealing to me was the mystery as to why Wolverine was in Hell in the first place. What i liked about this story as a whole was that aside from acting as hellishly good entertainment It was a very good reflection of the growth of how far this Canadian has come. In this issue Wolverine comes face to face with his father, which I thought was interesting to see because Wolvie is not facing his old man as an angry child, but rather a man with experience under his belt. That in itself was fascinating. Looking at this issue from an art perspective, I felt it was a real treat to pick up Wolverine with covers done by Jae Lee, there's something Sinisterly good about Lee's style that is just perfect for the subject matter. I will admit that Guede's pencil work has really grown on me, the only thing that has been really sort of throwing me a loop has been the interior colors, I'm not the biggest fan of the mustard color palette, but then again the color choice is effective that I feel warmth when I am following Wolvie in Hell, and I feel cool when above ground. enough art talk...I am hooked on this title, and am really looking forward to what mr. Aaron has in store for Wolverine and the acts he will carry out to make those responsible pay, The red right hand...and that old wrinkly guy with nasty teeth. and just so it's said This is not the end, only the begining


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