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If you cant beat em', join em' 0

The Conclusion to the Logan goes to hell arc ends in a anti-climatic way.   The Good There is plenty of action in this issue and the art still stands on its own. There is plenty of face time for Puck fans and its a pretty awesome twist to where he ends up at the end of this chapter.  There is also some Ghost rider action which is always a plus.  The Bad  Im going to be honest, This book felt rushed. I was enjoying reading  it so far til this release and I felt like they messed up a really good o...

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This is not the end...only the beginning (spoilers) 0

Let me start out by saying that I was probably the one person who was the most anti Wolverine up until perhaps a year ago. While I loved the guy as a kid on the 90's X men animated, my views and tastes for comics became more  pretentious.  However as i picked up Wolverine #1 a couple months back i found that I was going back and buying a lot of the back issues at my local shop. I was hooked upon the happenings of the man who's the best at what he does. This story arc as a whole I felt was a real...

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Is Wolverine Getting Out of Hell? 0

The final part of Wolverine Goes To Hell but actually the story won't be completely over. How could he possibly escape Hell?  The Good The best part of this story arc has been the psychological effects he's facing while in Hell. Continuing from the last issue, Wolverine is now face-to-face with his father. You can imagine this won't be easy on him. Will he want to lash out or will he be seeking his approval? What about that giant Hell-sword? Will Puck or anyone else try to escape from Hell with ...

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Couldn´t he send an Email or Tweet? 0

The mehrits of Jason Aaron for developing a brand new arc story for Logan seemed to me as an ouroboros, because at the same time that he created new foes and a decent background story, using some golden characters like the Ghost Riders and Hellstorm, Mariko, Puck, but  he couldn´t quite free himself from the shackles of repetition and old ideas, like Mystique and the concept of his father. I got torned in this arc story, because I loved some parts of the art and some descriptions and captions of...

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