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There's a riot going on down below! As hell explodes around him, Logan confronts the last person in the world he ever thought he'd have to face again. Plus Sabretooth! And Ghost Riders! And demonic action galore! Don't miss this shocking finale to the sold-out saga of "Wolverine Goes to Hell."

Wolverine Goes to Hell: Part 5- Wolverine's soul has been trapped in Hell while his body is possessed by Hellverine. Wolverine has just striped the Devil of SoulCutter, the symbol of the true ruler of Hell, and now he is face to face with his father Thomas Logan. Thomas tries to tell his son that he had planned the riots in Hell to tell Wolverine that he is proud of him, but Wolverine doesn't believe it and goes to help Puck. After cutting off Sabretooth's head with Soulcutter he gives up ruling Hell and says goodbye to Mariko. Wolverine and Puck attempt to climb out of Hell but Puck gets caught and drug back down. The last we see of Puck, he has the Soulcutter.

Meanwhile back on earth, Mystique and Ghost Rider have Hellverine trapped and get him to a church where Son of Satan has planned an exercise. He is able to get Wolverine's soul back in his body but something is still wrong and Wolverine runs away, right into Cyclops, Magneto, Namor and Emma Frost.

Scorched Earth: Part 5-How it Started- Before Wolverine's soul had been set to hell he was meeting Melita at a club, but before he could get to her she gets kidnapped by the Red Right Hand. Wolverine chases them down but it is all a trap, to remove his soul, send it to Hell and insert a Demon into his body. Melita turns out to be Mystique in disguise and now Hellverine is free to do the Red Right Hand's bidding.

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This is not the end...only the beginning (spoilers) 0

Let me start out by saying that I was probably the one person who was the most anti Wolverine up until perhaps a year ago. While I loved the guy as a kid on the 90's X men animated, my views and tastes for comics became more  pretentious.  However as i picked up Wolverine #1 a couple months back i found that I was going back and buying a lot of the back issues at my local shop. I was hooked upon the happenings of the man who's the best at what he does. This story arc as a whole I felt was a real...

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