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Review: Wolverine #5.1

It's a surprise party for Wolverine! However, Wolvie is caught fighting some cannibals up the great white north! (Canada) Is this an issue anyone can pick up and read? 

The Good

I had a lot of doubts about these whole ".1" issues. It's supposed to be a place where any brand new reader can jump on and become a fan of a character. In a sense, this is true. Jason Aaron, who's been doing a great job on the current Wolverine series, really captures the essence of this character, and his writing really stands out in this issue. Wolvie is a bit more than hack and slash angst. He has a heart under it all, but he doesn't show it too often. That's what we get in this issue. We get some of the hack/slash, a little bit of heart, and a bit of who Wolverine is and who is his family and friends. Although the reader doesn't get any history of this character, they get a great understanding of what he's about. I loved the overall story with the cannibals and where the story leaves off. The art is a bit stylized, but flows with the story very well. The most important part about this issue is that Deadpool is in it and it didn't annoy me. It was the perfect amount of Deadpool.

The Bad

I did like the art overall, but there was one shot that really bugged me where four women, including Storm and Spider-Woman, were standing around and the bodies looked pretty deformed. Aside from that, this felt more like a one-shot than an introduction to a character or the start of a 3-issue mini-series.

The Verdict - 4/5 - Recommended

Great Jumping-On Point

If you've never read a Wolverine book before, this is actually a great place to start. The book gives you a look into the character, but doesn't give too much away. You may want to go back and read the Wolverine Goes to Hell storyline prior to this, but for now, this is a great intro to the world of Wolverine. I have a good feeling Wolverine regulars will also enjoy this story as well. I recommend the book to all readers. SNIKT!

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