dark_noldor's Wolverine #4 - Wolverine Goes to Hell, Part 4; Scorched Earth Chapter Four: Last Call review

Sins of the Father...and the Son

What started as a good story, now presents itself victim of it´s own dellusion of grandeur and excess of mystery. Putting so many antagonists and unusual players into a plot, which details are scarce at least, meaning Jason Aaron isn´t spilling any beans here, doesn´t interest if for lack of good answers to give or just pure and plain sadism, resulted in this weak, quite untolerable issue. This issue only matters because of the previous three and for the beautiful, yet in reason of the weak narrative, not so interesting art of Renato Guedes. And why this issue wasn´t great as the other three quoted above? Because there´s no link with reality: the battle between Logan and Devil is ridiculous (how can a sword that big does no damage in Logan?), Logan hurting Warren, Colossus and Kitty wasn´t interesting (it´s quite the opposite, it was dull and hard to explain how Warren will ever see again), the coup in Hell is dull, Mystique and her aliies getting Demon Logan was innacurate (how did they know Logan was there? How can a demon like Ghost Rider subdue other demon, in a higher class than his?). This arc story reached a point where there should be more answers than questions, and unfortunally that´s not how Aaron choosed to play, and that bad decision reflected in Renato Guedes´art, that really tried to put all his effort and save this issue, but he isn´t that good to make a bad plot become a nice and interesting story. Even the dialogues and Logan´s captions (what were great feats in Aaron´s writing) weren´t good, sharp and creative, boardering boredom and repetition.
3.5 out 5 (Only because of the art and colors)

 Feel the power of my mighty sword...err, I think this need some sharpening, it can´t cut nothing!!

 Melting Iceman, slicing Colossus and making Angel´s eyes to bleed (how and why?)

 What could have been a great scene turned out to be...

...Hell´s version of Jesus crucifixion; quite disapointing.
Posted by Silkcuts

Great choice of Pictures and I love your observation about the Crucifixion.
*Note: The Crucifixion is most associated with Jesus, that is correct, but there have been many "Crucified heroes" in many cultures.  I have not read this issue, so I don't know of there are suppose to be ripples of alternate allusions, but from what you posted, the "Jesus" nod is correct, since the crucified is not upside down like the traditional way.  Since people die of suffocation, crucifying upside down is traditional, to speed up the death.  Saint Peter as well was Crucified upside down so it has associations to t he church of Satan.

I agree it is weak that in Hell they wouldn't do it upside down.

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