howlettgrowl's Wolverine #4 - Wolverine Goes to Hell, Part 4; Scorched Earth Chapter Four: Last Call review

Review: Wolverine #4

Wolverine is still fighting the sins of his past while clinging to the hope that he will eventually be free from his punishment and seek those who put him there in the first and also going against the Red Dragon. Also the Demonic Wolverine is still killing the people Wolverine loves, but this time it is against the X-men. 
The art as usual is very good and detailed. Jaime McKelvie's art is very dynamic yet very gritty. He is good at showing movement and facial expressions which makes the story easier for the readers. The action in this issue is very good especially the fight between Colossus and Hellverine. Another thing I liked is Wolverine inner monologue. He is still a complex man even today after so many years and that's thanks to Jason Aaron's writing. He knows how to bring the Humanity back in James Howlett.
The problem in this issue is that The Devil himself is not that great of a villain compared to Hellverine. He just talks spitting insults at Logan saying he is the worst evil in all of Hell and so on...but he does not feel menacing at all. Also another thing about the Devil is that we is surprisingly weak demon I mean come on!!!!!!!!!!! He is being held by Wolverine's broken bone claws...really!?!?!?!?!?!? 
Overall, a good read with good writing and art and action. However, the demon who calls himself the Devil is a weak character both physically and  figuratively. But Wolverine's cause makes up for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give it a 3.5/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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