blurred_view's Wolverine #4 - Wolverine Goes to Hell, Part 4; Scorched Earth Chapter Four: Last Call review

Wolverine Goes to a Hell-Themed Spa And Beats Up an Attendant

Wolverine is still in Hell, and a seriously hard to ignore flaw in the story gets exposed in this issue that makes it hard to enjoy the many good parts. 
In a time when Wolverine is serving as an Avenger and feels more domesticated that ever, it's really nice to have a writer like Jason Aaron, who seems to be embracing the premise that Logan is not that great of a good guy. Both the main and back-up features of this book are telling stories based on the idea that Wolverine has done many unforgivable things and pretty much actually deserves what he is getting. That is the Wolverine I want to read. This is the Wolverine who is not all talk when it comes to being a dark and dangerous man. 
But this issue is less focused on the character stuff and more on action. We have a duel main event here. Colossus versus Wolverine's possessed body, and Wolverine versus the Devil. Both are so awful that they seriously kind of break this whole story. 
Starting with the less offensive of the two fights, I have to ask why Colossus and Wolverine's possessed body is even a fight. It's Colossus. He outmatches Wolverine so much it is ridiculous. So how does this issue compensate for this? How does it come up with a way whoever is possessing Wolverine can put up a real physical threat to Colossus? It doesn't. Colossus just inexplicably doesn't stop the fight. I know some people would argue he didn't want to hurt his friend. But no. That excuse doesn't fly. He never had to hurt Wolverine. All he had to do was the most obvious and sensible thing. Restrain the dangerous maniac. Just hold his arms. Fight done. This whole fight takes place simply because the writing has Colossus act too foolishly to prevent it. 
That is not the real crime of this issue, though. The true crime here is that Wolverine goes to Hell, and man, is Hell freaking lame. Obviously, what we are supposed to take from all this is that Wolverine is simply so hardcore that he can take it. He's just that tough. But what we actually take away from all this is that Hell is lame and no worse than the usual beatings Wolverine takes. Wolverine actually ends up fighting the Devil. As in, physically. A fight. He fights the Devil. Has no one in the history of Hell tried that before? Because... it is apparently not so hard. 
And speaking of the Devil... just stop it, Marvel. Use Mephisto. I am so sick of how seemingly every Hell story has its own generic take on Hell and the Devil and how they never really fit together. Seriously, what is the point of even having Mephisto exist? 
There are still some good points to this issue. It is good to see Hellstorm and the Ghost Riders. The same can be said of Puck and Sabretooth, who I hope will be returned to life after all this. The main feature's cliffhanger is a strong moment that could definitely lead to some interesting things next issue. The back-up story of a revenge squad going after everything Wolverine cares about is an interesting one too. 
But in the end, Wolverine Goes to Hell takes a crippling blow as Jason Aaron painfully undersells the idea of Hell and the Devil. The ease with which Wolverine handles everything this supposed Hell has to throw at him undermines the story and wastes what is actually a really strong idea for a story.

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Posted by GLforHIRE

I was actually looking forward to this, just to see a legit wolverine vs colossus fight but again was let down...hate when comics contridict themselves
Posted by Dark Noldor

I concur with you in every single word,
particularly in the Logan/Piotr fight: in his
first blow, Logan didn´t even scratch Colossus,
but after he slices Piotr´s live metal skin very easily.
And i didn´t like the fact that after getting throwed away
by Colossus, Demon Wolverine returned very fast to the
This wasn´t a good issue.

Posted by darth_spidey195

I actually really don't like the concept of this.  I mean yeah, I don't like a domesticated Wolverine either, but there's a difference between making him "domesticated" and making him a good guy at heart who has a real dark side.  And then there's THIS.  This is just not how I see Wolverine.  I mean, if he's done so many terrible things that he deserves to be in hell, then what makes him any different from Sabretooth?  I always thought the whole point is that Wolverine isn't that kind of monster, but also struggles not to be, if that makes sense.  What about his samurai-like sense of honor, that you see in his Japan stories?  What about his relationship with the X-Men?  I just don't see him as a guy who belongs in hell personally.  This kind of story would make more sense for Sabretooth, especially considering how Creel is currently dead. 

Posted by Blurred View
@darth_spidey195: I think what makes Wolverine and Sabretooth different from each other is that Sabretooth embraces his savage monster nature while Wolverine actively tries to resist it by doing things like holding onto that samurai-like sense of honor. Wolverine's the classic archetype of a guy with a dark past trying to do good things, so he needs to have had a dark past. He needs to have done bad things. Otherwise, it's all a false struggle that he's going through. The character's also supposed to be known for berserker rages, which basically means he's known for having moments where he flips out and kills indiscriminately. So in order for Wolverine to be believable as this loner with a dark past and berserker rages trying to do good today, he needs to have the history and bodycount to back it up.
Posted by Wayne1985

Hi guys does any1 no wot the next1's called?

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