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Review: Wolverine #4

Wolverine's soul battles the lord of Hell, while Wolverine's body, inhabited by a demon, fights Colossus on Earth. 

The Good

This storyline has been a lot of fun. It's had great writing and great artwork throughout, and it's definitely something you’ll want to read in trade, if you can get a hold of the first three issues of the storyline. All-in-all, it’s fun and there’s a huge reveal at the end of the issue that will change Wolverine’s life, at least for the next couple of years. The fight scenes in this book are great, and they keep a great pace going through the entire issue. I’m incredibly interested to see who is going to become the new lord of Hell and if anyone will end up coming back from Hell with Wolverine. 

The Bad

Essentially, this issue is just a bunch of fight scenes strung together. They looked great, but the issue doesn’t offer too much more than that. It’s not a bad issue, but it does feel like it’s just stringing us a long for the last issue of this storyline. The back-up story in this issue wasn’t a Silver Samurai story, so I was a bit disappointed.

The Verdict 3.5/5 - Recommended

Bad Jumping-On Point  

It’s a solid fun book that sets up the last issue of the storyline. The art is fantastic, and Jason Aaron has done a wonderful job writing the series so far, but other than that, this was probably the weakest issue of the series so far. It’s good is you’ve been reading all along, but if you haven’t, wait for the trade.    

Edited by longbowhunter

I'm not much of a Wolverine fan, but I like Jason Aaron. This series has me really curious. I may pick up the trade as suggested. I wish Aaron and Dillion would get crackin' on the rest of the Bullseye arc for PunisherMAX.
Posted by Omertalvendetta

Great review.  I have been meaning to read this, but I will wait for trade definitely.  

Posted by Wayne1985

Does anyone no when the next instalment to wolverine goes to hell is out? Or indeed what it's called?

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