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Hey Peter, guess who has a clone too??

Wolverine always has been the bad boy in Marvel, not only because he can go bersek on everyone, or for his killing, but because of the whole mystery involving his past, making him a difficult character to decypher. I believe that Logan's past is one of the things the "top creative minds" in Marvel can often count as a big sell and honestly this worked perfectly in the mini series written by Jenkins and the arc story delivered by this same creative team before. Unfortunately, this isn't the same fate of this 4 issue run. I wasn't convinced while reading these four issues that Loeb really thought things that way, it sounded almost like a writer doing a job he was told to do, meaning editorial pushing things and dictating what readers must enjoy. I don't believe for a moment that the solution (or the new facts of Logan's past) introduced in this arc story was something planned or thought trough from that early moment, when Loeb and Bianchi delivered that crazy story (Evolution) about Logan's kin, Romulus and Sabre Tooth. As I read these four comic books I was sure that this was only a "sell terrible comics" basis only, completely disregarding the readers, just shoving idiotic lines with beautiful art! Now I know for sure that Logan's past, as clear or messed up as it is, isn't something that attracts me anymore, so, at least, that was the good thing about reading this hideous arc story. I hope fellow comic book readers can also break free from this chain that Marvel has put on us since day one, ever since Chris Claremont introduced the character and Barry Windsor-Smith delivered his masterpiece about the most loved Canadian character.


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