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Bianchi is Best

Contrasting from the last issue, this one had a more directed approach leading into it's finale. Some of the references made toward the Evolution arc (the preceding one by the same team where Wolvie kills Sabretooth) was a nice touch by Loeb. Some of the dialogue was spotty but it seems to be speeding up in pace and I am anticipating the conclusion.

Every time I see Simone Bianchi's two page murals I just have that moment of sheer acceptance of his always, yes always, fitting art form with it's depth in colours and attention to details. The way that this issues skirmish between Sabretooth and Wolverine is how every single alteration involving these two should be. The monologue of Wolverine's thought as he has to channel his focus on the parts of his life that Sabretooth has ruined is true to his character form. I really have enjoyed the art of this story and can't wait to witness Bianchi's next display.

A problem I have, plot-wise, deals with the memory aspect of Wolverine. I feel that every time they dawn on his memory or something that was a part of his being in the past I think is a cop-out. It seems that they, to some extent, can just insert another plot twist in to perpetuate a story. I think all the writers and creators should have a sort of consensus about what has been in his past. The previous arc dealt with memory lost and Dr. Rot, need I say more? A "C" lister and the bane of Wolverine writing his lack of his cognitive past.

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