johnkmccubbin91's Wolverine #311 - Nightmare in Red review

Sad But True

It's sad but true that this story hasn't so far lived up too the great predecessor which is Evolution. I was originally really looking forward too this and forgave the first issue which I thought got a bit of a over slagging but this issue isn't any better and with only 2 issues too go I want it too finish so I can get back to a better story like the previous Dr Rot story.

I liked too see the return of Romulus last issue as he was a good background villain and a lot more could be done with him but this story I don't really think needs him. I also wasn't a fan of the way they brought Sabertooth back in the first place and the fact that Wolverine said he always thought something didn't seem right then although he's never mentioned it once until now as far as I can recall. The only thing that saves this story is Bianchi who draws Wolverine brilliantly. It's just a shame that Jeph Lobe hasn't quite kept up too standards although I can forgive him for all the great stories he has gave us and will give us in the future this in my opinion is just not one of them.

Final verdict. Skip this and go and read Evolution much better story unless like me you collect it. New readers don't let this story put you off there is and will be more great Wolverine stories.

Rating: 3/5


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    Ok, I bit the bullet. When this first came out I skipped it as issue one left a horrible taste in my mouth. Last week, I had a lapse in judgment, bought the issue, and suffered as a result. Once again, the art is good and there’s a lot of action but some of the scenes just don’t make sense. For example, on one page, Wolverine is being dog piled by a bunch of cloned Sabretooths (Sabreteeth?) who are laying into him brutally. As expected, he breaks free in his Best Of moment and shortly afterwards...

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