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Ok, I bit the bullet. When this first came out I skipped it as issue one left a horrible taste in my mouth. Last week, I had a lapse in judgment, bought the issue, and suffered as a result. Once again, the art is good and there’s a lot of action but some of the scenes just don’t make sense. For example, on one page, Wolverine is being dog piled by a bunch of cloned Sabretooths (Sabreteeth?) who are laying into him brutally. As expected, he breaks free in his Best Of moment and shortly afterwards we see him-totally fine. Uniform’s fine and so is he. I’m sorry, he’d just been clawed and gouged and is somehow in Very Fine/Near Mint condition mere moments later?! You could've put him in a mylar sleeve and been satisfied filing him away! Moments like this are so obvious that I, usual misser of said things, picked up on them, which is saying something. Although this may not be fair to consider, the "battle damage" aspect is approached much more carefully and sensibly in the following issue which makes its omission in this one that much more glaring. There's also the same decades old "Sabretooth and I have issues that go waaaay back" internal monologue that goes on which just comes off as lazy and tiring at this point.

The part with the jet/flying machine also doesn't make any sense, but we are treated to some nice splash pages with that segment so they almost make up for its nonsensical nature . The reveal at the end was bittersweet as it obviously hearkens back to the foundation myth but is also a bit obvious to come off well. That being said, I do have respect for the red headed savior character. I’d give this a 1/5 because the art was the only saving grace. Well that and the fact that it pleasantly reminds us of Wolverine's fondness of redheads, for better or for worse. I may come back and revise this rating later as, as of now, I have a huge bias against this story arc. : / I just feel that it really is that bad.

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