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Wolverine #310 Review


Hello, firstly I would like to say this is my first review so anything that I can improve upon or may have missed please let me know in the comments.

Secondly I would like to state that I am not a regular Wolverine reader, although I have read many Wolverine graphic novels I do not pick up this series on a monthly basis, so this is my first single issue.

Plot (None Spoiler)

Sabretooth is presumed dead until Cloak a young super hero is attacked and is made to tell Wolverine otherwise, Cloak informs Wolverine that Sabretooth is holing his partner Dagger captive so they go in search of Dagger to discover Romulus is holding her captive, where does Sabretooth fit into all of this? Read the issue and find out!

The Good

The art in this issue was fantastic! Now I do not want to make a habit of talking about art before plot but I just had to say it, Simone Bianchi delivers clean pencil work whilst Simone Peruzzi complements it with a dark, Gothic and moody color scheme.

As for story what was there I enjoyed, it is written by Jeph Loeb who gets a fair amount of criticism these days but I still remember him as the genius behind Long Halloween and am always willing to give him another chance, being a Wolverine book its needles to say that the plot moves fast and there plenty of action and I certainly felt I got my moneys worth, because at $3.99 this could have been money wasted.

I also like that the issue had a scene of humor in a clever way Wolverine asks "How can Sabretooth be alive I killed him?" Cloak replies "You never heard of anyone coming back from the dead?"

The Bad

I mentioned at the start how I am not a regular Wolverine reader and because of this the book suffered a little for me, I felt like I was starting in the middle of a plot, but that is not entirely the books fault we are 300 issues in after all. But I couldn't help but question, "Who is this character Romulus? And what connection does he have to Wolverine?"

The verdict

I enjoyed this issue, even though it may not be a perfect jumping on point some readers like me are looking for, although I will definitely be picking up the next issue and hopefully we will get more answers to what the heck is going on, and with the big shock ending next issue should be good!

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Posted by Pwnography6

Nice Review Buddy got this sitting in my box instore.

Posted by wmwadeii

yeah for Romulus you have to be up to date with Wolverine Origins storyline with Daken, and a little before that as I started there and was a little confused too.

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