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Middle of the road

Here we have an ish out of place in the current scheme of things. It feels more like a one-shot than anything else. To phrase what I think of it in short terms; it's okay. Depending on what you like, you might hold this in higher options. I, however, felt the self loathing take on ol' wolvie to be a bit over-dramatic and unnessary, and the awkwardness of having dear Elixir, whom I don't ever remember being as odd in this ish as when he last appeared, suddenly having a deep fascination in Logan to be perlexing. I mean, I remember him as being this timid boy, forced to do some pretty bad things in recent past. But for some of this story, Elixir's behaviour for me is off putting.

So aside from the slating facts above, I thought it was nice to see an old wolvie villain and alley appearing, along with other characters of old X-Men lore (thought 'those guys' were dead, though...?). The artwork is an interesting break from what this series has been putting out lately, and the slight air of suspense maintained throughout this extra large ish adds a degree of intrigue to it. A suitable sequel to that old Havok & Wolverine run? Perhaps. Worth picking up? Hmm...

3 // 5 stars.

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