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feels like something that has been done to death

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Cullen Bunn, a writer Marvel seem to be investing a lot in lately, begins his run on Wolverine this issue and he's following up from the acclaimed run by Jason Aaron. Having never really took note of Bunn before, I thought it'd be worth jumping back on Wolverine since Marvel killed every Wolverine-related title I was reading (yes, X-23 and Daken).

This story spins out of one of Aaron's stories from Wolverine: Weapon X and doesn't do a fantastic job of informing you what exactly happened if like me you didn't read Aaron's run. On top of that, the idea of Wolverine's "inner beast" being coaxed out feels like something that has been done to death. Despite that criticism, the story sets up some sub-plots that may turn out to be interesting in the long run.

The art is by Paul Pelletier and is expectedly a pretty solid offering. A few times it did seem that he messed up Wolverine's mask but looking at the cover as I write this, it seems that the "ears" seem to have diminished in size yet again. They're always fluctuating in size so it's not much of a nitpick.

Considering I've not read the main Wolverine book since Aaron took over, this was overall ok. I liked some of Bunn's internal monologues and his sub-plot about cops chasing Wolverine but as a story I don't think it's a great "all new jumping on point" for those who haven't read the Insane in the Brain story and I certainly don't think Wolverine's animalistic nature and hunger for a kill is a unique area to dive into.

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

That is Wolverines got to Cover. I've seen like hundred times

Posted by SavageDragon

@Fuchsia_Nightingale: you said it man. I decided to drop this title since Arron left it, the conclusion to the back in Japan arc was a letdown but his run was good overall.

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