dark_noldor's Wolverine #3 - Wolverine Goes To Hell, Part 3; Scorched Earth, Chapter Three: Old Wounds review

I´m not the Devil´s puppy

What can a man do when he´s trapped in Hell? How much can a soul endure untill it breaks? Does the pain you create in life equals to the one once you´re in Devil´s realm? This are all answers that our friend Logan is facing right now as he tries not to cave in, despite all the trouble that Satan is giving him (and the list is quite long). That´s the kind of story where Logan proves that he is the best there is, ´cause no super hero has the experience nor done an inch of the bad things that Logan has. Also none of the heroes have the soul, bravery, stamina and inner fury that Logan has to face adversity. This book is all about that, quite and simple, that there´s a reckoning but doesn´t mean you can´t fight the opressor, specially when you know that you´ve been betrayed. This book is the surprise of the year, in my opinion, it´s interesting, has great dialogues and narrative and amazing art. Highly recommended!!!

 Need anything else?´Nuff said!!!
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Posted by Silkcuts

lol... is it wrong I liked that you started the review with Questions?  
This looks like a good arc.

Posted by Lvenger

Epic Picture!

Posted by save.me.now

Spider - Man is made to look like a complete douchebag in this issue.

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