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Logan's soul is trapped in hell, fighting off hordes of old enemies who all want to see him suffer. Meanwhile his demonically possessed body is running around on earth, looking to slaughter everyone Logan has ever cared about. Who could possibly help sort all this out? Maybe a certain flaming-skulled biker and his buddy, the Son of Satan? Plus, the dramatic return of the toughest, most two-fisted dwarf Marvel has ever seen.

Wolverine Goes to Hell: Part 3- Wolverine's soul is trapped in Hell and his body is possessed by a demon on earth, trying to kill all his friends. In Hell Wolverine is tortured by being forced to watch the Silver Samurai beheaded by Soulcutter, he is then nailed to a wall and left to rot. While there he is visited by Puck who tells him that he has a plan to escape but Wolverine can't let the devil break him. Wolverine uses this knowledge to pull himself off the wall and face the devil head on. Meanwhile on earth Mystique and Melita are working with The Ghost Riders and Son of Satan to track down Wolverines Soul and body. They know Mystique had a hand in what happened by not why. The group doesn't know that Wolverine's possessed body is in Utopia about to go toe to toe with Colossus.

Scorched Earth Chapter 3-Old Wounds- The Red Right hand reveals that they are the ones behind Wolverines current situation. Everything they do is for revenge and their plans are only beginning.

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