super_man_23's Wolverine #3 - Rogue Logan Part 3 of 4 review

X-Men guest appearance, Sabertooth's plan revealed, and the origin of Wolverine's armor.

Written by Paul Cornell with artwork by Ryan Stegman (pencils), Mark Morales (inks), and David Curiel (colors).

The Good

Paul Cornell is still doing a good job with this series. How he jumps back-and-forth between the past and the present to create one full story is interesting and it's done well. Certainly the overuse of many popular heroes is starting to grow annoying, still they have some use in this issue. Cornell has used all of that to help Wolverine in this journey for revenge and redemption. He's shown us a Wolverine that is dealing with the fear of death and even in battles that are larger than him, he freezes up. Seeing that kind of fear on Wolverine's face is very cool and it fits this series pretty well with the character being mortal.

Now we know the origin of the Wolverine armor.

Seeing as Superior Spider-Man had a small role last issue, it was nice to see that SSM's appearance was not just to waste our time. Instead, it turns out that SSM is the reason why we have Wolverine in the protective battle armor that he currently uses. Sure it could've been done by anyone, however Paul Cornell really did a great job at explaining this simple origin of the suit and it worked out fine for the story without taking anything away. In my mind, it actually helped this series (the small things really standout at this point). Props Paul Cornell!

It was also nice for us to get a small glimpse of Sabertooth's plan, it'll be interesting to see how this pans out as Sabertooth is really looking to become a major threat in the issues to come.

The art team did a great job (again) with the artwork. The colors and style of the artwork fits this Wolverine series like a glove as it helps tell Paul Cornell's Wolverine story and giving our eyes something enjoyable to look at.

The Bad

First the Superior Spider-Man now Jubilee and the X-Men! Who's next? The Fantastic Four?

While I love how Paul Cornell is filling in the gaps of time between the past and present on how Wolverine got into his current dilemma, I don't know if having all these heroes is necessary. So far we've had three appearances from the X-Men and one appearance from the Superior Spider-Man. This is Wolverine's SOLO ongoing title, while I do expect frequent appearances from the X-men now and again; three appearances already is too much. While Wolverine does have new partners, they don't take the place of the main star; Wolverine! However, this book is starting to feel more-and-more like a team up series or like Wolverine and the X-Men. Team up stories are great and so is Wolverine and the X-Men, however having all these heroes that seem to have all played some pivotal role in making Wolverine eventually go work for the Offer; it just makes it seem really crowded. It's like a cake for example. Everyone wants to have many layers on a cake with different flavors, however if it's all chocolate it's just going to feel like eating chocolate upon chocolate, upon chocolate instead of something we can all enjoy because of the different flavors. Instead of doing this, Cornell should've spaced out the heroes and gave us and Wolverine some breathing room that way we can fully take this in and it not feel like a mondo team up series starring Wolverine.

The Verdict

Overall 3 out of 5 (I've already told you why you should/shouldn't read this book).

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