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Wolverine # 20

Okay well in this issue we have two mafia lords meeting in the park with spys everywhere in this book. Now Wolverine recognizes these two mafia mobsters. Wolverine ditching his girlfriend momentarily seeks to investigate. The two fat ass cannibals that appeared in Wolverine # 5.1 are back. And there fat asses are hungry to eat some people. Well any way they are involved or not with The Kingpin and Mr. Takenaka. Not sure why the two fat ass cannibals want with these two mafia bosses, perhaps they want to eat them. At he end of this run we have a return of a villain no one expected to since Jeph Loeb Evolution Story arc from Wolverine Vol.2 # 50-55. And yes spoiler alert it is Sabretooth is back to reek havoc once more in the Marvel Universe. Now we did see Sabretooth back in the first arc in this series but only as a mad dog in hell. Well now he is officially back. I know Wolverine will now have to go head to head with his arch nemesis. I rate this book a 4.0 rating of 5.0 rating.

1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below average, 2.5=pick it up a bit, 3= average, 3.5=dope, 4=good, 4.5=excellent, 5=classic


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