keith71_98's Wolverine #16 - Wolverine Forever review

Abrupt & jarring end to what was a strong story arc

"Wolverine" #16 is a strange issue that felt more like a  super-hero counseling session than a Jason Aaron Wolverine story. This is an issue that has some good moments in it even though it brings Logan's self-imposed punishment and quest for self-discovery to an abrupt and rather silly end. 

 This is a pretty absurd way for Logan to get closure especially considering that just two issues earlier he found out he butchered his own children. Before this wacky "snap out of it Logan" moment, we see him embracing his most base animal instincts. He's living submissively with a pack of wolves and it felt as though Aaron was going to explore this path for a while. But the issue concludes with a rather preposterous ending with several plot holes and head scratching questions. It's so strikingly different in structure and tone that it didn't even feel as though Jason Aaron wrote this. 

Goran Sudzuka's art work is all over the place in this issue. When drawing Wolverine and his gritty wilderness surroundings his art shines. But his depictions of the Avengers and X-Men as they give their take on Wolverine seems completely out of left field and changes the entire tone of the issue. Their look doesn't fit with this book nor does it fit with this entire series. 

Considering that I really enjoyed the scenes of Logan as a wild man, it's hard to believe the story unraveled so fast. This is puzzling direction from Jason Aaron and it felt as though things were being rushed in order to catch up with Schism. That's a shame because this had been a good arc and it leaves behind a lot of good story potential.

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