adamwarlock's Wolverine #15 - Wolverine No More review

Unfortunately, even lackluster storylines sometimes need a coda.

Well, here we are.  The "Wolverine's Revenge" storyline that I had grown increasingly bored with is finally over, and now we have the aftermath.  Repeat plot twist or no, it makes sense that the "surprise ending" to Wolverine's Revenge would have big ramifications for the character.  And where he goes in this issue as a result, both literally and emotionally, makes sense for this character.  Unfortunately, it's still pretty boring.
There are a few surprisingly strong emotional beats in this issue, but ultimately it's still dreadfully dull and largely formulaic.  I feel like Wolverine has come to this emotional place before.  I can't help but pray that he "gets over it" somewhat quick so we can put this chapter of Wolverine's history behind us and get back to the great strengths present in Jason Aaron's run on Wolverine: Weapon X and Wolverine Goes to Hell.  There was HUGE writing strength holding this title together, and making it one of my favorite books... but for the past 3 months or so, and continuing into this issue, I'm losing more and more faith in this book each month.

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