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More grave digging please, less Dog! 0


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Unfortunately, even lackluster storylines sometimes need a coda. 0

Well, here we are.  The "Wolverine's Revenge" storyline that I had grown increasingly bored with is finally over, and now we have the aftermath.  Repeat plot twist or no, it makes sense that the "surprise ending" to Wolverine's Revenge would have big ramifications for the character.  And where he goes in this issue as a result, both literally and emotionally, makes sense for this character.  Unfortunately, it's still pretty boring.  There are a few surprisingly strong emotional beats in this iss...

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Decent, but not much here to invest in. 0

The last issue of "Wolverine" finally gave us the long overdo payoff from a story arc that was growing a little tedious. But our patience was rewarded with a shocking conclusion that found The Red Right Hand revealing to Logan that all of the Mongrel henchmen he has killed in search of revenge were actually his children that he never knew he had. Obviously that revelation is going to have a dramatic effect on him and we begin to see the emotional consequences in issue #15. Logan has retreated t...

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The Bereaved and Detached 0

Following the massive conclusion of the last issue, it's only fitting that the adjourning issue such as this wrap everything up and pave the way for new horizons. Does the fallout story serve as a fitting interlude to grander events to come? Sort of. In some ways, it works, but in others... I was kind of left bemused and lost.Without giving too much away, such is the tender nature and impact of this particular issue, in this story we see the shocked and destroyed Logan punishing himself for stai...

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