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In the streets of Madripoor, Wolverine saves Lindsay McCabe from Chief Tai and his men. When he asks Tai what that was all about, he gets nowhere. He then decides that, for answers, he needs to go to the Princess Bar. When he gets there, he finds O’Donnell and Lindsay in a huge fight. After Lindsay storms out, Patch and O’Donnell discuss the goings-on of the past events. Patch laments about the fact that his “secret” identity is no longer very secret when Archie storms in, angry at Wolverine for not letting him toss Burt out of the plane when he had a chance. Wolverine calms the situation down while O’Donnell tells them about the stone and how it was taken from him by the Prince’s aid, Johann. Just then, they are interrupted by Chief Tai and his men. A huge brawl breaks out until Wolverine pins Tai up against the wall and gets everybody to calm down. At that point, Wolverine starts to put the pieces together of what is going on. Turns out, that each piece of the stone makes people crazy, except him – he’s already nasty. That’s a bad sign, as the Prince of Madripoor has the last piece. They need to head up to the prince’s castle and defuse the situation. On the streets of Madripoor, Burt meets up with some followers of Ba’al. They have taken a prostitute and are going to make her a sacrifice. Burt fights for her safety, until he is subdued. Just when it looks the worse, Jessica Drew shows up and takes out two of the three vampires with gunshots. The third vampire takes off with Jessica and Burt in pursuit. When the vampire finally gets to his destination, Jessica recognizes it as the prince’s castle. She enters the castle so she can warn the prince about the impending danger When she gets to his chamber’s, the prince introduces her to his guest, Ba’al!!!!

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