krisis's Wolverine #149 - Resurrection review

Powerless Wolverine plot is full of kinks

The able hand of Erik Larsen scripts this fill-in tie-in to the High Evolutionary depowering mutants around the globe. He gets the tone right, but I think he missed the mark on a powerless Wolverine.

Story & Script
Larson contributes a sensible story for a fill-in – Wolverine wants to check out the places his skrull-counterpart hit on missions to make sure no stones were left unturned, but he's slowly dying (presumably from adamantium poisoning?) without his powers.

Where Larson stumbles is the details of an unpowered Wolverine. Yes, he's down animal senses and reflexes. But Larson's Wolverine inner monologue brings up a lot of missed a lot of details.

We know the adamantium is heavy, but should Wolverine be any weaker without his powers? Technically he's developed all of those muscles by rapidly rebuilding them after they're broken down by the exertion of hauling his heavy frame around. We saw other mutants lose their mutations as the result of High Evolutionary – Nightcrawler turned Caucasian, Blob got thin – but would Wolverine really lose naturally acquired muscle mass?

The more major misstep relates to pain. X-Men comics usually make a big deal about how Wolverine feels plenty of pain, despite promptly healing the wounds. Why, suddenly, is Wolverine such a sissy about getting hurt? Sure, he's right that popping claws is going to result in a lot of blood, but I believe he should have been feeling less pain without his powers, since they were no longer keeping his aging pain receptors shiny and new.

For that matter, if Nightcrawler turned white, should Wolverine be rapidly aging? And, finally, would the mechanism to pop claws even work without Logan's mutant powers – since the bone claws are part of the powers? (I forget if at this point we the reader knew that the bone claws were definitely a part of Logan's original power set.)

I wouldn't call Graham Nolan's work thrilling, but it's perfectly suitable for Wolverine. I think it has a heavy 80s-Marvel vibe with its attention to environmental detail and lack of flashy over-emphasized physiques.

Bottom Line
Despite my nitpickings, Larson and Nolan turn in a serviceable fill-in issue – but you're not missing anything if you skip it.    

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