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Jason Aaron has used this twist ending before...

If I hadn't read Jason Aaron's issue of the Iron Fist spinoff "Immortal Weapons" mini featuring Fat Cobra, this issue would have been so much better.  But I have read that issue... which features a very similar twist... and for that, this issue suffers.  I don't want to say exactly what the twist is, to avoid spoilers, but let me just say... read Immortal Weapons #1, before or after reading this issue, and share my disappointment in Jason Aaron, for repeating himself like so.
That's not the only problem in the issue.  As I've complained on the prior few issues of this storyline, this issue also continues to devote a good percentage of its space to the backstory of yet another member of the Red Right Hand group who we the reader have never seen before.  It's too late in the storyline for this, I felt.  The Red Right Hand's plots against Wolverine in the first storyline of this book made for fantastic reading, but in the end, this wrapup arc for them has been a MESS.  It's been a slow build to a plot twist that's a repeat in the writer's repertoire.  I'll probably still be giving the next storyline a chance based on the strength of the previous "Weapon X" run by Aaron, plus the first arc on this run... but all in all, "Wolverine's Revenge" has been a huge disappointment.
So this issue gets 3 stars, pretty neutral really... but that's to just judge it by itself, with a myopic focus that ignores the writer's history and the weaknesses of the storyline as a whole.  This issue does provide a little justification for the lame fight sequences in the prior issues that I'd complained about as seeming implausible for giving Wolverine a challenge, but it's not enough to redeem the story.  To judge the story as a whole, WITH the weak prior issues plus for having read Immortal Weapons #1... dock this ranking down to two stars.

Posted by asmus

I haven't read the Fat Cobra story, and this was still a disappointment.  I figured out the twist just before the THREE PAGES of "Wait for it...!" that over-milked the reveal.  And I totally agree that the Red Right Hand stories have been too similar to be anything but redundant for several issues now.  :P  Here's hoping this will lead somehwere interesting.

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