magmagazer's Wolverine #14 - Wolverine's Revenge! Conclusion review

Bloody? Bloody-Hell is more like it!

When I picked this up today I was optimistic. For a story that'd spanned over a dozen issues I was curious to see how everything came to a head, to an ultimate conclusion. I approached this issue with high expectations -- and I wasn't let down! 
The Good 
The opening is interesting, because it wasn't the way I thought things would turn out with the Red Right Hand. I liked the old guy's short speech,  and the interaction with the young boy who it's revealed that ol' Wolvie killed his mother. (it seemed to be that Shield agent he stabbed after waking up waaaaay back in the Enemy of the State arc). The artwork is lovely and the narration helps you feel for the poor lad. Then the scene shifts to a rather angry Wolverine who'd arrived at the room where all the members of the Red Right Hand had congregated to enact vengeance upon them after taking out the last opponent that separated him from the others. I'm stepping on spoilers here, so you'll just have to find out for yourselves what became of the Red Right Hand members! 
I also liked how the lil' subtle things that'd been alluded to in previous issues and up until now were never revealed were finally exposed in their full glory, such as Daken's involvement in daddy's demise and who those fighters really were. (that REALLYYYY took me by surprise, I honestly had to do a double-take, but I guess it's not surprising given how much, shall we say? Heh...)  
The No-So-Good (Kind of nit-picking here, but whatever!) 
Honestly the only beef I have with this issue is that when the Red Right Hand revealed their intentions all along to Wolvie, he doesn't look overly shocked? Well, I'm not saying I'd like to see him totally-slacked-jawed-eyes-wide, but, he just kinda seems to, well, 'shrug it off' I suppose despite how severe the ramifications of this entire arc are. Then again, maybe that's just me, heh. But for that, I'm knockin' off a bit of a star~ 
In The End 
It's certainly an interesting end to a long running story. I'm very keen to see how things will transpire over the coming months for the ol' Canuck! 

Defo 4.5 // 5! 

Posted by B'Town

Nicely done! You've made me want to get caught up on my Wolverine stack, I am months & months behind.

Thank you for the review. :D

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