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Bloody? Bloody-Hell is more like it! 0

When I picked this up today I was optimistic. For a story that'd spanned over a dozen issues I was curious to see how everything came to a head, to an ultimate conclusion. I approached this issue with high expectations -- and I wasn't let down!  The Good  The opening is interesting, because it wasn't the way I thought things would turn out with the Red Right Hand. I liked the old guy's short speech,  and the interaction with the young boy who it's revealed that ol' Wolvie killed his mother. (it ...

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Jason Aaron has used this twist ending before... 0

If I hadn't read Jason Aaron's issue of the Iron Fist spinoff "Immortal Weapons" mini featuring Fat Cobra, this issue would have been so much better.  But I have read that issue... which features a very similar twist... and for that, this issue suffers.  I don't want to say exactly what the twist is, to avoid spoilers, but let me just say... read Immortal Weapons #1, before or after reading this issue, and share my disappointment in Jason Aaron, for repeating himself like so.  That's not the onl...

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Aaron & Guedes bring this arc to an emotional & dark end, 0

FINALLY! After being teased with the conclusion of Jason Aaron's ""Wolverine's Revenge" arc for a couple of issues, we finally get it in "Wolverine" # 14. I was growing tired of this series. The last few issues seemed to follow the exact same formula. Wolverine fights and defeats a lesser threat that we know has no chance against him and while he's fighting we get flashbacks that look into the past of a different member of The Red Right Hand and shows how Wolverine ruined their life. Here we ge...

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This is the Payoff, and it's worth every minute spent waiting! 0


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From Hell and back...there was definitely better! 0

It takes a lot of energy from a person to come up with such a crazy story as Jason Aaron did in this 14 issues of Wolverine. I'll be honest (and my previous reviews don't let me lie), at first, when I read the first two arc stories, I wasn't happy about the outcome, the notion of Logan's soul going to Hell, then a demoniac possession in his body, going after his X-Men friends and the whole mysterious people behind this plot, plus the ridiculous five new enemies, all of that seemed to me like jus...

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