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Wolverine battles Ba’al and his minions aboard an airplane while it hurtles toward the ocean.

Above the Pacific Ocean, Archie, Patch, and Jessica are all in Archie’s plane, chasing after the “vampires” in their plane. Patch, realizing that this has gone far enough, goes in the back to change. In the meantime, Archie catches up to the vampire plane, whereupon Jessica leaps onto it. Patch comes out of the back, only this time he’s dressed in his black and tan costume of Wolverine. He also leaps onto the vampire plane to take them down, together with Jessica. In the process, he learns that Jessica was aware of “Patch’s” identity the whole time. They meet with some resistance but, thanks to Wolverine’s claws, short work is made of them. Up ahead, Burt drops a rope-ladder down towards the vampire’s plane. The vampire plane swerves, knocking Jessica out the door. She grabs hold of a vampire and then makes an attempt to grab onto the ladder Burt that dropped. Instead of Jessica grabbing the ladder, vampires do. They climb up the ladder and, one by one, are taken out by Burt. In the vampire plane, Ba’al is admiring his stone, all complete except for one piece, when he is interrupted by one of his followers who tell him about Wolverine. Ba’al transforms him into a gorilla-like form. Ba’al then proceeds to knock Wolverine around like a toy until they end up in the cabin. Wolverine ducks and the pilot is taken out. Wolverine then takes out the control panel and is able to escape through the roof of the plane. He leaps from the plane and grabs Jessica for the ride. They are able to grab onto the ladder from Archie’s plane as the vampire plane explodes in mid-air. As it does, Wolverine gets an ominous sign from Ba’al that he is getting stronger, and soon... unstoppable. In Madripoor, O’Donnell is questioned by the police about the brother’s murder. He shows the cop and Lindsay McCabe the stone that he holds proudly. Lindsay is drawn to the stone and, later that night, she goes to O’Donnell’s room so that she can see it. They end up in a passionate embrace until the door is busted down. The aide to the prince of Madripoor has heard that O’Donnell has something of interest to him, and he wants it now!

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