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Wolverine was possessed by an alien astral projection which inhabited his body in order to take it back the alien prison world ran by the collector. Logan didnt want to go at 1st but when he saw the size of the prison world and the Collectors guards he decided to help them break free. the problem was that the planet held the last survivors of their planets after Galactus feeding, The prison world had a stealth force field to keep Galactus from locating the prison world. Wolverine ninja stealth through the prison world and located the power core and turned it off even managing to take down and evade the collectors guards. Once he deactivated the power core the prisoners revolted against the guards as they began to evacuate the prison planet. The problem was that there was not enough ships for all of them and not all the prisoners were leaving as they were also attacking the guards. To Wolverine's horror Galactus appeared as he began to prepare to consume the prison planet, The Collector and Uroc inform Wolverine of the real purpose for the prison planet and how bad wolverine screwed up. Wolverine along with Uroc and the few remaining guards try to organize the evacuation while also stalling Galactus by attacking him with alien fighter ships, Galactus of course ignores their attacks only occasionally firing them out of the sky with a look and an energy blast. Wolverine heads to Galactus elemental converter in hopes of destroying it and stalling Galactus if only for a few precious moments, the problem arises when Wolverine's bone claws keep shattering upon the alien metal. Wolverine comes to a horrible realization that it is all his fault and that let the whole planet down because he kept running around as if he had adamantium still which will now cost the aliens their lives, Uroc arrives during Wolverines self doubt to help him destroy the elemental converter.The alien girl that had initially possessed Wolverine decides to try and possess Galactus and jumps out of the ship and parachutes in front of Galactus locking eyes with him. To everyones surprise it appears it is working as both beings are entranced with each other but suddenly Galactus reacts and causes a psychic feed back which hurts the alien girl and knocking her out. Wolverine manages to catch her as they make their escape in the last spaceship leaving Uroc to destroy the elemental converter and buy them time to get off planet. Wolverine realizes as they escape that the alien girl is not just unconscious but comatose and looking back at the planet as they leave into space he sees Galactus feeding off the planet causing him even more pain an vanquish holding himself responsible for the death of an entire planet and various races.

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