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After being forced into marriage with Viper in previous issues, Wolverine finds himself climbing the Himalayas in search of evidence of a deadly virus. Viper recounts that she had already sent a team of twelve Hydra agents to recover the virus, but only three had returned, each of whom have been infected. Now, the disease is loose on the streets of Madripoor, and unless Wolverine can find the source of the virus, no antidote will be synthesized in time before it spreads across the entire world.

Note: There are two versions of this issue, the regular edition and the recalled edition. The comic was first distributed with a racial slur in a word bubble on page 5 of the comic. When the text was found, Marvel recalled the issue and distributed new copies which contained the proper text below:

"Though the ceremony was interrupted by one of our closest foes, the killer known as Sabretooth..."

The original text read as follows:

"Though the ceremony was interrupted by one of our closest foes, the kike known as Sabretooth..."

Even with the recall, many of these issues had already been sold or distributed, making it easy to obtain the original edition.

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