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Ba’al recovers a fragment of the Gehenna Stone!

In California, Burt, Archie, Patch and Jessica are all in a car, discussing the events of the day when they are suddenly pursued by cops, as they are driving a stolen vehicle. However, Patch makes short work of them, after which they again ask Burt what this is all about. Burt proceeds to tell them all about the Gehenna Stone, Ba’al, and his followers from ancient times. He tells them of how Ba’al was struck down by the Hand of God. Of how Ba’al’s spirit was put into a stone, which was then smashed by the Hand of God and tossed all over the world. He also tells them how the pieces of this stone have been turning up, slowly. When asked if they could see the piece of the stone that Burt is carrying, he flips out on them. They arrive at the airport, only to be met by Ba’al and his followers. During the melee that ensues, Burt is knocked out and his stone stolen from him. Patch confronts Ba’al, but finds that he is no match. After their battle, Ba’al leaves on a plane with his followers. Patch and his crew decide to follow him, wherever it may lead them. In Madripoor, twin brothers enter the Princess Bar. They are at each other’s throats the entire time. They also have a piece of the stone. They rent a room above the Princess Bar from O’Donnell, the bar owner. Up in the room, they continue to fight, to the point where they are killing each other. Down below, O’Donnell sits at a table when a drop of blood drips down from the ceiling. When he goes up to investigate, he notices the brothers are both dead, and the stone is glowing next to them.

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