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The beginning shows Wolverine and Jubilee being chased by the other female X-Men, Psylocke, Rogue, and Jean Grey who are dressed in HYDRA outfits. They are able to escape and hide for a while. Jubilee goes outside and is surprised to see Shadowcat who reveals that the Viper used a chemical to control them. After being teleported by Gateway, they are under attack by the mind-controlled Rogue. They take care of Rogue, but then Spider-woman sneaks behind Jubilee and holds her hostage. Shadowcat saves her but is then hit in the face by something from Spider-woman's gun and cannot phase or move. Luckily, Lockheed brings the two of them back to Wolverine and the Viper and her team arrive soon after. However, the three are overwhelemed and captured. Viper is interrogating him when the Black Widow who is able to free him and subdue the others. They free Jean from Viper's control and she clears up the other's minds. The story ends with Wolverine revealing that the Viper is his wife.

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