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After going through a sparring session in an effort to hone his dulled fighting skills, Logan walks through the streets of New York. Passing by Madison Square Garden, where Captain America is about to make an appearance at a charity benefit, Logan senses something amiss. Sneaking into a rear entrance, he evades a security guard. Reacting to his instincts, Logan slashes the air with his claws, throwing bystanders into a panic. Unseen enemies strike back at him.

Then Captain America enters the scene and Logan leaps toward him, claws extended. Cap dodges Logan who succeeds in injuring his real target, another invisible assailant. Taking specialized goggles from his fallen foe and putting them on, Logan finally is able to see his invisible enemies, a costumed gang. Their leader, who calls himself Rascal, is out to build a reputation by assassinating Captain America. Logan lays into them, and he manages to wrest another set of googles which he tosses to the Avenger. Captain America joins in, and the battle spills onto the stage, where the cheering audience believes the show has begun.

Logan and Cap subdue their foes, and Rascal tries to escape, but the X-Man corners him. The would-be assassin threatens to detonate an explosive device in his costume, but Captain America knocks him out with his shield, and the audience goes wild.

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