nerd_of_a_hero's Wolverine #122 - Not Dead Yet - Part 4 of 4 review

The conclusion...

McLeish explains to Logan how he have survived the explosion.


Yes, McLeish - the White Ghost who is the bestest killer in the world - is alive but not well. Surrounded by corpses who were victims of McLeish, an angered Logan head towards the cabin, knocks out the gun man and encounters a China man who says he’s in fact the son of a Triad criminal whom Logan killed ten years ago (McLeish’s triad contact who ordered the hit on Ai-Chia Wong’s Dad and paid him just before Logan arrives at the pier where he died by the explosion). As the son talks and talks, Logan stabs him to death. - Note to all bad guys that point their guns to the good guys, PLEASE DON’T TALK. JUST SHOOT ALREADY, YOU’LL LIVE LONGER. SERIOUSLY! McLeish gets taken care of too, but I like how Logan does it while saying… “I pity you… That’s why I used to drink with you. I felt sorry for you. You were pathetic”. The ending was sort of cliché but it’s a gimmick that helps end this story. Overall, I didn’t find this as good as the previous issues. It’s just your average Wolverine, one-on-one showdowns story where he had to get the small stuff out of the way. I didn’t had high expectations on this but it could’ve been a lot more than just a story of an old killer who hold a grudge, or assassins either talk so much and get their asses kicked easily. Maybe if some powerful mutant were to stir things up it might’ve been more entertaining. Oh well.


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