nerd_of_a_hero's Wolverine #121 - Not Dead Yet - Part 3 of 4 review

The Hunter vs the Hunted


First off; for a bunch of assassins that were the best in the world, they sure as hell get beaten easily. You’d think they put up more of a fight now that they know about Logan and his abilities. Secondly; Logan’s girlfriend, Ai-Chia has returned - YAY - only to have been killed long ago and using her corpse just to manipulate Logan‘s emotions. I really don’t think that’s a good thing to do. And finally; this issue feels a bit short for some reason…Maybe because I’m getting close to the end. Anyway, you get more flash backs of McLeish and Logan, and at some point you understand McLeish - that he’s capable of killing people and has a good rep for it in Hong Kong (White Ghost - the bestest killer in the world). But he’s getting old as well as going mad and some what of a drunken fool, so nearly getting killed by someone like Logan is something he can’t let go. The art is great for doing action scenes and intense expressions, and the writing does well - especially at Logan’s monologue after he defeats the assassins; he try’s to figure out as to why they didn’t they use the adamantium bullets in the first place and how did they know where he was going? Things are about to heat as Logan tracks down McLeish or ‘some other mastermind’ at the cabins.    


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