nerd_of_a_hero's Wolverine #120 - Not Dead Yet - Part 2 of 4 review

The hunt is on...

Logan being crushed by the Hitmens' cars.

 “As his apartment is destroyed, Logan attempts to flee out of the city in order for his loved ones and comrades not to be harmed, and to lure McLeish out. As he does so, hit men from McLeish go by all means to kill Logan. Will he survive? Is McLeish ‘The White Ghost’ who was thought to be died still alive?” Uh…duh! This is where things get really dicey. There’s a lot more action and intensity here than the previous issue. At a few pages, two cars from opposite directions crash into Logan, and despite his legs being crushed he still manages to choke the gunmen unconscious before dragging himself to the garage where he parked his motorcycle. The artist does a great job expressing the characters at serious moments. Again, the story switches the past and present periods back and forth, and you get a little more panels of McLeish and Logan conversations on the whole killing thing. And again, no yellow costume, but I think that works best considering it feels like a ‘track down your enemy’ story.     

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