adamwarlock's Wolverine #12 - Wolverine's Revenge! Part 3 review

Filler! Lousy paced-for-the-trade FILLER!

This issue is a SHOCKINGLY bad departure in Jason Aaron's otherwise EXCELLENT run on Wolverine to date (including Weapon X prior to the Wolverine relaunch).  Up till' now, this series had been so good it's actually made me angry at Jason Aaron for making me give a damn about Wolverine; a character I've been determined to ignore as much as I can manage due to the ridiculous overexposure he's enjoyed these past 20 or so years.
The past few issues in this story, depicting the past of various members of the Red Right Hand organization and why they hate Wolverine so very much, have been solid.  They've also been formulaic (intersperse flashback scenes with Wolverine's progression through a series of challenges to his life in the RRH headquarters); yet those prior issues have managed to be vital nonetheless.  This issue is just more of the same and really... REALLY has nothing new to offer.  Wolverine fends off another attempt on his life by more RRH flunkies (this time being ones who haven't appeared earlier; unlike the previous two attempts) plus another flashback from an unto-now unknown RRH member.  It wouldn't be bad if it hadn't been done already in the past TWO issues of this book... but there you have it.  This issue is a RERUN with very, VERY little new stuff to offer.  It's not enough to turn me off this overall excellent run on this series... but it absolutely is just treading water and giving the story some filler for the trade.  This issue is Marvel effectively bilking you of your $4.


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