nerd_of_a_hero's Wolverine #119 - Not Dead Yet - Part 1 of 4 review

Another Wolverine story...

Logan encounters Mcleish and his dealer.


Wolverine: Note: I have all 4 issues in one big booklet, so I’m able to review them.  

As your well aware, this is one of Logans’ lone-wolf stories, meaning no X-Men or superhuman battles. Just him and his enemy from his past. This story switches back and forth to 2 time periods; the past in Hong Kong - which tells what events occurred to him and McLeish the ‘White Ghost’ 10 years ago, and the present - which shows Logan in East side NYC going into his apartment where the story takes place. The story isn’t complicated to understand, so you can figure out how this will turn out once you read it. The art was well suited for this story and I found it to be excellent for a late-1990’s comic. The writing was decent and does well for doing the characters accents and all. One of my slight-problems is that Wolverine never wears his yellow costume here but that he‘s wearing his street clothing, and yet at the images before I read the chapter you see him wearing it while doing some action poses. Oh, and by the way, he doesn’t have his adamantium skeleton on him, so he’s stuck with his bone Claws (Thank you, Magneto) Another cliché I found is that Logan has yet another girlfriend, Ai-Chia Wong. Just how many girls does this guy have, anyway? Overall, I found this a good read for my Wolverine collection. If your ‘STILL’ into him, I’d check this out, otherwise go get Wolverine’s recent series or the Weapon X stories if you want something more entertaining.    

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