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When the X-Men's newest friend gets activated as a Prime Sentinel, Wolverine decides the best thing to do is evacuate! But when Cyclops gets hit in the crossfire, we discover there may be a few casualties in this war.

In the New Mexico facility where Zero Tolerance once transformed unwilling humans into Prime Sentinels, the X-Men's new friend, Mustang, has just been activated as a Sentinel himself. A battle ensues, and Wolverine orders Cyclops and Cannonball to evacuate the people there, while he tries to reason with Mustang. The Sentinel programming is too overpowering, however, and Wolverine is reluctantly forced to fight. Jubilee, against her teammates wishes, run into the building and releases a blast of her fireworks in Mustang's face. Blinded again, Mustang regains his senses.

Outside, Zero Tolerance forces are retreating under fire from S.H.I.E.L.D. units. One stray Sentinel manages to blast Cyclops in the chest. S.H.I.E.L.D. medics treat Cyclops and their scanners find something implanted within his chest. Thinking the medlab at the Xavier Institute in his best hope, the X-Men commandeer a ZT transport. As they fly, Cyclops tells the others he thinks the device inside him may be a bomb.

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