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When the X-Men realize that innocent people are being turned into Prime Sentinels, they take action. And finally--the return of Jubilee!

At the New Mexico encampment of Dr. Prospero's patients, who, unbeknownst to them, are being transformed into Prime Sentinels, the X-Men come under attack when three of the Sentinels are activated by the mutants' presence. The X-Men defeat their attackers, and determine they must destroy the 'clinic'.

With S.H.I.E.L.D. about to be activated against Zero Tolerance, Bastion contacts Dr. Prospero, and, gives the order to initiate the "Final Directive".

While the X-Men ready their assault on the 'clinic', Jubilee, having escaped the ZT base, runs through the desert, and up against a Sentinel. Wolverine, who had earlier caught her scent, arrives in time to save her.

The pair reach the 'clinic', where the partially successful attack reveals the personnel and most of the equipment have vanished.

Learning the X-Men have breached the facility, Bastion orders the activation of one last Prime Sentinel: the mutants' new friend, Mustang.

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