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When the X-Men are taken prisoner by Zero Tolerance, it's up to an injured Wolverine to save the day!

The X-Men (Cyclops, Phoenix, Wolverine, Storm and Cannonball) have been captured by Zero Tolerance, and Bastion displays for the captive Jubilee a hologram showing the mutant prisoners being brought into the New Mexico base. Having jumped from a burning plane earlier, Wolverine lies deathly still and bloody, and his captors place him in an incinerator. The gas and flames revive him and he bursts free, overcoming the guards.

Wolverine frees the other X-Men, but, badly injured during their capture, they try to escape with minimal conflict. Using her psychic influence, Phoenix has teams of guards firing upon each other, as they make for the exit.

The main blast door resists their attempts to break through, and Bastion's troops close in on them. Jubilee, however, manages to slam her power dampening helmet against the controls, allowing her allies to slip out.

As the X-Men commandeer an aircraft, Wolverine hesitates a moment, sensing an ally within the base.

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