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Wolverine tracks the person currently possessed by the entity that's been attacking him this evening, and learns from his neighbors that it is Helen Bach. In an alley, he finds Daimon Hellstorm who cryptically tells him to continue safegurding his mysterious box. As Hellstorm leaves, Wolverine is attacked by Lady Deathstrike, demanding the parcel. Wanting to get down to the mystery of the box, Wolverine and Deathstrike call a truce.

Back in Logan's apartment, Phoenix and Storm are mystified by the contents of the box, when the possessed Helen busts in, guns blazing. Phoenix counterattacks on the astral plane, freeing Helen from the entity's grasp, just as Wolverine and Deathstrike arrive. A tearful Helen relates her experience as a pilot captured during the Gulf War, and her attempts to cope with the trauma.

The entity, now recognized by Logan as Ogun, then possesses Deathstrike and she bursts from the apartment, vanishing in the night.

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