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Logan finds the noodle vendor, an informant for the leader of the Hand, under attack by the Hand's Cyber-Ninjas, and offers his assistance in exchange for information on the whereabouts of the captive Yukio and Amiko.

In the fortress of Akatora, Amiko slowly succumbs to brainwashing, while outside, the crime boss films a giant monster movie in which he portrays the main creature. Wolverine arrives and is attacked by the other actors, Cyber-Ninjas whose monster costumes contain actual weaponry. Wolverine easily dispatches the ninjas, then confronts Akatora, while Pale Flower, Yohei and the vendor reach the beach by boat, guns blazing. The trio rescue Yukio and Amiko, then Akatora reveals that one of Wolverine's allies works for the Hand. The mutant then puts his sword through Yohei who dissolves; Wolverine had guessed from the scent on Yohei's dagger that he was the traitor. Akatora escapes.

As Wolverine rafts away from the fortress with his allies, Amiko smiles enigmatically.

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