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Locked up in a Tokyo jail, Logan and Pale Flower watch as the Iron Monk appears, then subdues the guards. Released from their cells, Logan and Pale Flower, fight a futile battle against the Monk. Yohei, an enforcer of the Silver Samurai, emerges from a hidden panel in the jail floor to deliver the Honor Sword of the Yashida Clan to Logan, who runs the Iron Monk through with the blade. Yohei leads Logan and Pale Flower out of the jail.

At Akatora's fortress, where Yukio is imprisoned, and Amiko undergoes indoctrination, Akatora learns from the noodle vendor of Logan's escape, then assigns two of his enforcers to eliminate the vendor.

At a Tokyo waterfront, Logan tells his companions of his intent to rescue Yukio and Amiko. Yohei and Pale Flower insist on aiding him.

Akatora's enforcers return to his fortress, unsuccessful in their mission, upon which Akatora assembles his team of Cyber-Ninjas, whom he commands to kill the noodle vendor and Logan.

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