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In Tokyo, Logan visits the home of his ward Amiko and her guardian Yukio. As a noodle vendor outside reports Logan's moves, the mutant senses something wrong and finds himself ambushed by ninjas of the Hand. After dispatching the warriors, Logan comes under fire by an armored police unit. He steals a neighbor's motorcycle, then evades the police. Elsewhere, Akatora, leader of the Hand, receives a report of these events.

Logan bursts into a Yakuza-run casino requesting sanctuary, based on his association with the Yashida clan. The Oyabun there, Pale Flower, agrees to hear Logan's tale.

Meanwhile, in his fortress where Yukio is held in a dungeon, Akatora reviews the progress of Amiko's indoctrination as she plied with sweets and toys. He then gets a report on Logan's whereabouts.

At the casino, in an attempt at revenge for her father's death years ago, Pale Flower unsuccessfully poisons Logan, moments before the armored police raid the casino.

[Dedicated to the Memory of Mark Gruenwald.]

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