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Of Werewolves, War, Girls and Pies

Last Ride of the Devil´s Brigade
W - Rick Spears / A - Timothy Green / Colorist - Veronica Gandini / Letterer - Tom Orzechowski / Editor - Michael Horwitz
I´m a huge fan of Logan stories that took place in a war ambient, like when he first met with Cap in Madripoor or when he fought Lady Deathstrike in Spain with Puck and Hemingway, and this short story is probably one of the most well executed that I´ve ever read about Logan in his past fighting a War. Rick Spears set a great atmosphere for this story,  harmonizing a fast pace in the beginning when Logan is participating of an aerial strike, with a cool nostalgic feeling after of him thinking about his home and wraping up with a great fight that was his mission in the first place. He´s an excellent writer and I hope Marvel gives him more space to work, his words are amazing and he´s a great storyteller. Timothy Green´s art was awesome too, very precise and a perfect match for this kind of story. The end of this short story is amazing, showing the hypocrisy of the men in power, a great sting for the war lords. Highly recommended!!
4.5 out 5
Legend of the Crimson Falls
W - Jimmy Palmiotti / A - Rafa Garres / Letterer - VC´s Joe Sabino / Assistant Editor - Sebastian Girner / Executive Editor - Axel Alonso
Another kind of story of Logan that I´m totally fond of is when he goes to the woods in search of peace and quiet time, but of course that he winds up in all kinda of mess and trouble. This is the spirit of this brilliant story told by Palmiotti with so great dialogues and a clear and objective narrative. Palmiotti really captured the essence of Logan: a troubled soul looking for peace in the Adirondack Mountains but just can´t avoid reaching out for and helping other people in trouble. There are amazing dialogues in this story that combined with the spectacular art and colors of Rafa Garres make this one of the best tales I´ve ever read about Wolverine. And there´s a great twist of the story - kind of predicted because of the hints that Garre left in the looks of the characters - but a great tale indeed! I was stunned with Garre´s art, despite some fuzzy and not so clear page of the battle, but he´s an astonishing artist, very solid. Highly recommended!
5 out 5
Adamantium Claws/ Diaries
W - Sarah Cross / A - João Lemos / Colorist - Chris Chuckry / Letterer - Jeff Eckleberry
This is an amazing story of meet your hero day kind of story, that sends such a beautifull message for all the kids out there who suffers the horrible threats of bullying, something that´s a plague in schools and society worldwide. This isn´t a story for girls or kids only, don´t get fooled because of the creative team, this is a story dense, with lots of teachings and lessons for people all ages. The story about a girl meeting his hero (Wolverine) is warm, touching, fun and with great dialogues and a fantastic art. This isn´t the kind of story that fanatics about super hero action battle like, it´s more an introspective tale for readers that apreciate comics beyond this fashion. Highly recommended! (there´s a great homage of one of the best authors of literature that is John Steinbeck - it shows the cover of Grapes of Wrath, a highly recommended book)
5 out 5
Development Hell
W - Mark Simmons / P - Mike ryan / I - Victor Olazaba / C - Martha Martinez / L - Dave Sharpe
I don´t like Mojo World and I didn´t apreciate this short story, despite having some good art. The dialogues didn´t impressed me and the plot wasn´t interesting. Logan in custody of a bunch of Mojo´s, shackeld and imprisioned, forced to be a part of a Tv show is an old dated, boring and cheap idea that doesn´t work for me anymore, even in a short tale like this (8 pages). This felt like just a leftover story just to fill a hole and what makes my argument even stronger is that this story isn´t even in the front credits.
2 out 5
Last Men Standing
W - Vince Hernandez / A - Luke Ross / C - Guru EFX / L - Tom Orzechowski/ E - Michael Horwitz
The first reason for me buying this one shot was because of Luke Ross, since it´s been a while the last time he did a gig for Marvel (it was the Dark Avengers Vs X-Men) and I gotta admit it was worthy getting this, not only for the beautiful and mature art of Luke Ross (he evolved his style a lot), but because of the quality level of the other stories too. This short story (8 pages) tooks place in the frozen plains of Germany (Ardennes Forest - it´s a big region that groups Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany) in the year of 1944, where a bunch of american soldier are trying to hold their position and Logan is there to help them. It´s a good story about trust and having to prove yourself in order to gain it. I liked the dialogues but the best was Ross´art, it´s incredible, specially with the beautiful colors of Guru EFX. Highly recommended!
4.5 out 5
Overall this was a great one shot comic. I´m not a big fan of these one shot things, because generally they print bad material, but I was very surprised with the high standard Marvel put here so I recommend this to all Wolverine´s fans, it´s a must have.
4.5 out 5
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Wolverine Is Bad Ass!

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